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Self-financed studies with our own products: this was and is the highest priority in the family business PANACEO. Only through the research of it's own active ingredient the customers and consumers have the safety and quality of the "original". Research has been going on for a long time at PANACEO. Inventor and founder of the medical device, Jakob Hraschan, began research as early as the late 1990s and has already invested several million EURO in independent studies alone. Currently, further studies are running at four universities.

The story of PANACEO began in the late 1990s. A small group of dedicated researchers developed a unique process technology - the current PMA technology (Panaceo Micro Activation) - to optimize the special effects already inherent in the natural active ingredient zeolite-clinoptilolite to such an extent that they are suitable for human use. This unique and patented PMA technology finally turned the simple raw material into an efficient active ingredient.

In the first step, it was of utmost importance to prove the safety of the active ingredient with studies according to OECD drug standards. This opened the door to launching the first concrete products on the market. Very early on, an outstanding positive efficacy on oxidative stress, a significant lactate reduction during physical exertion, a substantial contribution to detoxification and the outstanding positive efficacy on the intestinal wall barrier became apparent. These effects were accompanied by selective binding and elimination of very specific toxins and ammonium in the gastrointestinal tract.

Another major and important step was the certification as a medical device in 2006, in order to meet the extremely high and strict quality standards required by law for this natural product. Currently, PANACEO has already marketed around 3 million products and has more than 20 years of zeolite experience.

"Since the beginning of the research, it was important for us to work closely with established science. In addition, the use of the products in the orthodox medical environment, in complementary medicine practice as well as in research was the focus of our activities" 

says Jakob Hraschan, PANACEO owner and inventor.

With PMA zeolite, pioneering work was done on this still completely unknown active ingredient in human application and PANACEO was the first company in this market to be able to present proof of efficacy in addition to broad clinical applications in practice. The application of the products in the clinical area have taken place since 2000 and the application with irritable bowel since 2004. PMA zeolite in the complementary medical area has taken place since 2001 meanwhile more than 3,000 patients have been treated very successfully with different accompanying illnesses. 

The first gold standard study in competitive sports was conducted as early as 2004. Many of the effects - first experienced through use in the clinical field - have been repeatedly investigated and proven in more depth in standardized, independent studies with our own products or our own active ingredient.

The family business PANACEO has already invested several million EURO in independent research work.

PANACEO has established itself on the world market as a know-how leader in the application of zeolite for humans.

PMA Zeolite Research

At the beginning of every research activity is the curiosity to discover new things, followed by the thirst for knowledge to seriously explore these things and based on this, to constantly improve them.

This approach has exactly been implemented with dedication in the family business of PANACEO for more than 20 years. For this reason, PANACEO has always conducted studies on its own products - this has always been PANACEO's highest priority - to provide our customers with first-hand assurance of the safety and efficacy of our products. This fact not only fills us with pride, but also makes us the pioneer of zeolite research in Europe and a reliable and credible partner for our customers.

Our Qualifications

Scientific cooperation and publications

For more than two decades, the family-owned company has cooperated with numerous universities, institutes and renowned opinion leaders across Europe and as far as the USA. This broad scientific cooperation with external partners guarantees the additional objective view from the outside and is of decisive importance for the success and credibility of a research-based company.

Quality and Homogeneity

Not all zeolite is created equal - Since the source substance is a naturally occurring mineral, consistent quality and composition is critical to medical success. As with any naturally occurring substance, there are variations in the natural composition of zeolite-clinoptilolite, depending on where and how it is formed.

As a manufacturer of natural medical devices, it is our responsibility to guarantee quality and safety for our users. For this reason, zeolite sources are personally evaluated and regularly audited by us. An environmentally friendly and gentle mining method as well as the exact specification of the raw material defined by us (e.g. mineralogy, loading ...) are contractually agreed and consequently continuously and completely checked from the mining site to the final product. The correspondingly mined raw zeolite is delivered exclusively to PANACEO and forms the high-quality basis for further processing into PMA zeolite.

Unique patented PMA technology optimizes effectiveness.

PANACEO's PMA process technology is a worldwide unique process in which the particles of the zeolite clinoptilolite are crushed under the influence of very high kinetic energies. In addition to a modification of the crystal lattice, this leads to an even stronger surface charge and thus to an optimization of the biophysical properties of the raw material. The result is a uniquely modified active ingredient, which is called PMA-ZeolithTM and whose effectiveness has subsequently been scientifically proven in numerous double-blind studies.

European Patents

These protect the innovative know-how and uniqueness of the PANACEO products.

PANACEO medical devices are class IIb certified medical devices.

The certified medical devices based on the unique PMA zeolite are recognizable by the CE mark on the product in accordance with Directive 93/42 EEC. Likewise, a QM certification according to the EN ISO 13485:2016 standard is available. This guarantees safety, homogeneity, usability and effectiveness of the products.

As a medical device of class IIb, the safe continuous use of the PMA zeolite products is appropriately researched and proven.

All of the following evidence and scientific studies were conducted with our own active ingredient, now known as PMA zeolite, and are exclusively attributable to medical devices containing this active ingredient:

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