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PANACEO ENERGY AMINO8 is developed from an all natural and pure vegetable protein source, which includes all the 8 essential (vital) amino acids.

The optimal ratio in the composition ensures a human nutritional pattern according to the supply on the model of the MAP Criteria (Master-Amino-Pattern - inspired by Prof. Dr. Lucà-Moretti). 

PANACEO ENERGY AMINO8 is recommended during physical activity, intensive muscular exertion and increased protein requirement. It is both suitable for hobby and competitive athletes and can be used primarily in vegetarian and vegan diets. 
Premium quality, 100% natural – what is most important for athletes.

Per 10 kg body weight, take 1 g (2 capsules) daily. The recommended daily dose of max. 10 g (20 capsules) must not be exceeded. 

Please stop taking approx. 2 hours before eating a large protein meal such as eggs, fish or meat. 

Portions per 100 g (ETD*: 10 g)

  • L-Leucin 19,60 g (1,96 g)
  • L-Valin 16,60 g (1,66 g)
  • L-Isoleucin 14,80 g (1,48 g)
  • L-Lysin-Hydrochlorid 14,30 g (1,43 g)
  • L-Phenylalanin 12,90 g (1,29 g)
  • L-Threonin 11,10 g (1,11 g)
  • L-Methionin 7,00 g (0,70 g)
  • L-Tryptophan 3,70 g (0,37 g)

Capsule: coating material Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose 90 mg.

* ETD: Recommended daily dose.

Additional Products

PANACEO ENERGY ISO²Double ISO for more endurance.   Natural: High-quality natural substances ensure an improved absorption and the natural mandarin flavor provides a pleasant taste   Active: Natural Vitamin C, a Vitamin B complex as well as magnesium contribute to strengthening the immune system and the reduction of fatigue    Endurance: Isomaltulose provides a long-lasting carbohydrate supply   PANACEO ENERGY ISO²    gives you the necessary endurance from nature and is important for your best personal performance! Isomaltulose provides a continuous energy supply for about 2-3 hours. supplies the body with a daily requirement of natural magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and many B vitamins.   The ingredients contained in the product are of premium quality and natural.    

Content: 0.4 kg (€49.75* / 1 kg)

Green Health IMMUN-AKTIV PLUS Kapseln
Green Health IMMUNE-ACTIVE PLUS 90 caps
Active precaution for a strong immune system  A strong immune system is the best precaution against infections caused by viruses and bacteria. Vitamin C and zinc support the immune system and are essential components of Green Health IMMUN-AKTIV PLUS.    The normal dosage provides the body with 200% of the recommended minimum intake. This ensures an appropriate support for times of high immunological stress. In case corresponding symptoms are already present, the dosage can be increased to counteract accordingly.   Cistus - a wonder plant with distinction  Especially in the Mediterranean region, cistus is traditionally used in folk medicine. This miracle plant has a wide field of application, which has made it increasingly popular in our latitudes in recent years.    Cistus is exceptionally rich in polyphenols (such as myricetin, quercentin and kaempferol), which are said to have an additional positive effect on health. In 1999, Cistus incanus was even named "European Plant of the Year" by the German academic society Herba Historica, which further emphasizes the value of this plant.   This is what Green Health IMMUN-AKTIV PLUS stands for:  🌸 Cistus extract with high polyphenol content 🌸 Contains natural vitamin C from acerola cherries 🌸 Vegan 🌸 Gluten free 🌸 GMO-free As with all products of the Green Health Line, we do not use any additives during processing and only use purely vegetable capsule shells!

Content: 90 pcs. (€0.28* / 1 pcs.)

Natural magnesium and calcium is a finely ground rock powder made of dolomite, which, in addition to normal nutrition, helps to cover the daily calcium and magnesium requirements from a natural source. It contains on average 22.40% calcium and 12.76% magnesium in the form of calcium and magnesium carbonate.Scientifically proven and officially recognised by EFSA:  Magnesium and calcium contribute to normal muscle function and are needed to maintain normal teeth and bones. Natural magnesium contributes to a normal nervous system function. Natural calcium contributes to a normal signal transmission between the nerve cells.  

Content: 90 pcs. (€0.28* / 1 pcs.)