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PMA Zeolite for your guthealth

Use of PMA-Zeolite

Use of PMA zeolite

Whether for stress and exhaustion, stomach complaints, susceptibility to infections or increased exposure to harmful substances - the volcanic mineral PMA zeolite from PANACEO supports your body. The 100% natural medicinal product has been proven to bind certain harmful substances in the intestines, detoxifying the intestines and regenerating and strengthening the intestinal mucosa.

The PANACEO 3-month cure

The positive effect of stabilising the inner protective barrier, the intestinal wall, requires prolonged, regular use of the product as part of the 3-month course recommended for PANACEO. When taken over such a period, it has been scientifically proven that PMA zeolite has a positive effect on the zonulin concentration. The protein zonulin is the natural regulator for the permeability of the intestinal wall and therefore also the most meaningful marker for determining whether the permeability of the intestinal wall barrier is increased. An increased zonulin concentration therefore indicates that the intestinal wall is porous and therefore too many substances, including harmful substances, can migrate uncontrolled through the intercellular spaces of the intestinal mucosa. Regular use of PMA zeolite regenerates the intestinal wall and promotes its stability.

PMA zeolite alleviates the symptoms by

  • freeing the intestines from certain harmful substances and thereby helping to detoxify the body
  • relieves the detoxification system, especially the kidneys and liver
  • indirectly supports the immune system through its effects in the intestine
  • protects and regenerates the sensitive intestinal wall barrier

Who benefits from the internal use of PMA zeolite?

The use of PMA zeolite, a natural and tested medical product, helps people who:

  • are heavily burdened with harmful substances
  • want to undergo a DETOX treatment to detoxify the intestines and subsequently the body
  • want to lose weight or fast, as this releases harmful substances stored in the body
  • suffer from recurring stressful situations, e.g.
    • chronic illnesses
    • with food intolerances or even food allergies
    • do intensive sport or fitness
    • are often under stress

Porous intestinal wall: weaker immune system

Almost every form of stress has negative effects on the gut. For example, constant stress or intensive fitness or endurance training damage the intestinal mucosa and therefore the body. If such stress is repeated regularly and continues over a longer period of time, the permeability of the intestinal wall increases and harmful substances, undigested food components and pathogens can overcome the inner protective barrier in significantly higher numbers and penetrate into the bloodstream. This indirectly weakens the function of the immune system. This is because the intestine is the largest immune organ. 70 % of all immune cells are located in the intestinal wall.

The volcano cure for those fasting, losing weight and quitting smoking

Fasting and slimming

During a fasting cure, PMA zeolite supports the detoxification process, as every fasting cure or other form of weight loss programme is accompanied by the mobilisation of harmful substances from the fatty tissue. A study from 2010 showed that the longer the fasting programme lasted and the greater the weight loss, the higher the serum concentration of harmful substances. During the fasting programme, the detoxification organs must increasingly ensure the breakdown of the released toxins, which is why it makes sense to reduce the further intake of harmful substances from outside. Binding harmful substances in the gut and strengthening the inner protective barrier of the gut is therefore an important component in supporting fasting or weight loss measures and avoiding the occurrence of so-called fasting crises.
Tip for fasting people and during a diet: It is best to start taking PMA zeolite two weeks before the fasting cure.

How to use zeolite when fasting?

Take the naturally pure medicinal product together with liquid, for example together with diluted vegetable and fruit juices for juice cures, in the morning and evening. You can also simply stir the fine volcanic mineral into soup or other diluted juices. During a fasting cure, you should drink at least 2.5 litres of liquid every day.

For smoking cessation

Taking zeolite to support smoking cessation has a similar background: cigarette smoke is a source of very high levels of harmful substances that have been in the body for a long time. By stopping the further intake of harmful substances by giving up cigarettes, the body begins to break down the harmful substances already absorbed. This breakdown is supported by PANACEO, as the further intake of harmful substances via the intestines is reduced and the detoxification organs can process the released toxins more effectively.

Pure zeolite and in combination with dolomite for different needs

PANACEO offers three different products to improve intestinal health. The 100% pure zeolite product PANACEO MED DARM REPAIR was specially developed for the target group with complaints associated with a permeable intestinal wall, a leaky gut. The highest concentration of PMA zeolite is used here to regenerate the intestinal wall, combat inflammation and a leaky gut and alleviate associated symptoms. PANACEO BASIC DETOX PLUS, which contains the two minerals calcium and magnesium as a "plus" in addition to the highly effective PMA zeolite, is ideal for intestinal detoxification. This product not only relieves the intestines and detoxification organs of certain harmful substances, but also contributes to the supply of minerals. An ideal combination for targeted detoxification. The third product in the range, PANACEO SPORT, focusses on a special risk group for a permeable intestinal wall: Professional and amateur athletes. It contains the highest proportion of dolomite of all PANACEO products. Dolomite is a natural source of magnesium and calcium. In combination with PMA zeolite, the product combats a permeable intestine and counteracts muscle cramps caused by a lack of minerals.

The external application of PMA zeolite

PANACEO utilises the pollutant-binding properties of zeolite in various products for external use, either in combination with high-quality natural care substances or as a kind of natural peeling that promotes the removal of waste products via the skin.

Healthy, smooth skin with zeolite cream

PANACEO Detox Zeolite Cream can be used to treat neurodermatitis and all skin irritations. The dermatologically tested cosmetic product supports the regeneration of the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and comfortable. The natural skin care product is a certified natural cosmetic that can be used for all skin irritations and at any age.

How zeolite can help with deacidification

Our skin is not just an important protective covering. It also fulfils a second important task: the body removes toxins through the skin, which is why the skin is also known as our body's largest excretory organ. The zeolite alkaline bath from the PANACEO Care cosmetics line is an easy-to-use measure that supports the removal of acids already excreted through the skin and actively stimulates replenishment. This supports the skin as our body's largest excretory organ.

Especially after intensive sports and endurance training or during a fasting cure, this can support physical regeneration and increase the feeling of well-being.

How zeolite supports oral hygiene

There are millions and millions of bacteria in the mouth - especially on the tongue. If we eat a lot of sweets or snacks, the cariogenic bacteria multiply at lightning speed. Effective oral hygiene and dental care are therefore important to prevent tooth decay.

PANACEO Natural Toothpaste cleans the teeth thoroughly but gently. The PMA zeolite it contains ensures the gentle and natural removal of dental plaque. While aloe vera promotes the regeneration of the oral mucosa, organic mint oil provides fresh breath.

Is it safe to take zeolite?

PMA zeolite is a water-insoluble mineral. When taken orally, it passes through the entire digestive tract and binds only a small selection of harmful substances along the way. The fact that PANACEO also has a clinical effect on the intestinal wall barrier and health has been proven in various clinical studies. The safety of the medical product has been confirmed by a wide range of tests, even with continuous daily use. Constant controls also guarantee the safety of all new products. After more than 15 years of market experience and more than 2.5 million products placed on the market, the only known side effect of PANACEO to date is occasional constipation. It is therefore advisable for people who are prone to constipation to drink sufficient fluids and to reduce the dose initially after medical consultation if necessary.

Seek medical advice if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, taking anti-inflammatory drugs or undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. As PMA zeolite increases the body's own defences, the increased immune activity must be taken into account as part of the treatment.