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Immune-Active Plus Caps
Immune-Active Plus Caps

Immune-Active Plus Caps with Vitamin C, Cistus Extract and Zinc, 90 pcs.

Triple Complex For A Strong Immune System

The vitamin C and zinc contained in IMMUNE-ACTIVE PLUS - in selected premium quality - contribute to normal immune system function and can protect cells from oxidative stress. Even at normal dosage, it provides the body with 200 % of the recommended minimum intake of the vitamin as well as the trace element.

The special PLUS in the form of the miracle plant Cistus is rich in polyphenols (such as myricetin, quercentin and kaempferol), which are secondary plant substances that protect plants from pathogens. Polyphenols coat them and prevent them from attaching to the cell.

In the case of corresponding symptoms, an increased dose can be optimally counteracted.

In 1999, Cistusincanus was even named "European Plant of the Year" by the German academic society Herba Historica, which further emphasizes the value of this plant.

  • Take one (1) capsule twice a day (or 2 capsules twice a day in case of immunological stress) with some liquid unchewed.
  • 90 capsules = 1,5 months*
  • Always close the lid after use. Store dry and at room temperature. Do not exceed the indicated daily dose. 
  • Important information: Keep out of reach of small children. Green Health IMMUN-AKTIV PLUS is no substitute for a varied diet. 

*) at normal recommended daily dosage

Proportions per ETD* (2 capsules):

  • Acerola fruit powder 640 mg
    • thereof vitamin C 160 mg
  • Cistus extract 100 mg
    • thereof polyphenols 65 mg
  • Zinc from zinc citrate 20 mg

*) ETD: Recommended daily dose

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