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Certified medical devices made in Austria
PMA Zeolite for your guthealth



More vitality with the original PMA zeolite.
Recognized in science, research as well as in medical practice.

Panaceo Zeolith-Basenbad


Strengthen your gastrointestinal tract with PMA zeolite* and find a healthy center of your body. PANACEO prepares the premium natural mineral, zeolite, into highly effective medical devices**.

You can gain new strength and trust the results of more than two decades of intense research.

*Panaceo-Micro-Activation makes zeolite rock a certified medical device
**Effect proven in Studies 

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Regular intake of the original PMA zeolite easily cleanses the intestines of harmful substances. Unwanted substances are eliminated and important minerals are supplied, so you can go through your day a new strength and energy!

For more quality of life! New studies* confirm, that MED DARM-REPAIR treats the intestinal mucosa and significantly alleviates accompanying symptoms. These include: irritable bowel, diarrhea, flatulence, intestinal inflammation and abdominal pain.

The goal of drug-based cancer treatments is to kill tumor cells. Physicians often recomment supportive therapy with Med Therpy Pro to minimize undesirable side effects and prevent serious treatment discontinuations.

The unique Panaceo-Micro-Activation of selected zeolites also supports your body during exercise. The natural product calms the intestines and reduces the risk of discomfort during increased exertion. This is how you create energy reserves.

Important vital substances cannot always be sufficiently supplied to your body despite a balanced diet. The natural Green Health products from PANACEO can help to compensate for the lack of vitamins and trace elements.

Nature has laid out some treasures for our appearance. With the natural cosmetic products of the CARE line, you can pamper yourself and your skin with selected, exquisite organic ingredients and the unique PMA zeolite.

PANACEO Vision & Mission


Our long-term goal is to help all people achieve sustainable health and well-being as well as providing them with sufficient supplies of the best from nature, so that they are optimally protected from the stresses of daily life and thanks to a strengthened gut, are healthier, more efficient and more satisfied.


As an innovative health company, we develop and produce high-quality medical products based on PMA zeolite (Panaceo Micro-Activation) which support natural intestinal detoxification and at the same time strengthen the intestinal wall barrier.

With the additional valuable dietary supplements we increase the chance of our customers to look forward to a healthy, vital future.

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