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As a medium-sized family business, making a positive contribution to society and the environment is part of our set of values. We are convinced that business success and social responsibility can go hand in hand. That is why we are actively involved in various areas of social responsibility. Here are some of the areas we focus on:

Umweltfrreundliche Lieferung

We are committed to environmentally conscious practices and strive to optimize our environmental impact. We invest in renewable energy, reduce our use of resources, and promote recycling and reuse of materials.

The shipping of our products is CO2 neutral. This contributes to the positive carbon footprint of PANACEO and our customers.

A photovoltaic system has been in operation on the roofs of our owner's company buildings for five years. With 1.4 megawatts of power, it is one of the largest of its kind in Carinthia. 5,000 modules on 9,000 square meters produce 1,400 MWh of renewable energy and thus make a significant contribution to environmental protection in the region.

We are also constantly trying to develop further when it comes to packaging. Due to the strict regulatory corset and the comprehensive risk reduction for our customers, we are still dependent on the use of clearly definable materials. Since all kinds of residues can occur in conventional recycled material, we resort to precisely defined and 100% recyclable materials in order to absolutely safeguard the health of our customers. These requirements are best met by modern, high-purity plastics.

In this way, we make our contribution to a sustainable circular economy and we never tire of constantly working on the further development of packaging and reviewing new forms of packaging in terms of production technology and regulation in order to minimize the CO2 footprint.

By investing in social projects and initiatives, we contribute to positive social change.

We support educational institutions and regularly cooperate with schools and universities in various projects. In this way, we not only promote the education of young talents, but also secure Carinthia as a business location and thus counteract emigration.

In 2022, the Stars4Future initiative was launched together with MJK-Sportmarketing - a campaign to promote young sports in Carinthia. Targeted campaigns throughout the year were supported by PANACEO by means of additional budgets.

For several years now, we have been foregoing Christmas gifts to our business partners and have been pursuing the approach of supporting a charitable organization by means of a generous donation.

Ethik und Transparenz bei PANACEO

We are committed to promoting ethical business practices and ensuring that our supply chains are fair and responsible. We place great emphasis on compliance with labor standards and respect for human rights in all our activities.

Sustainable supply chains are an ongoing process that requires continuous commitment and improvement. At PANACEO, we strive to continuously optimize our supply chains and further raise sustainability and social responsibility standards. We aim to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the entire supply chain and therefore prefer local partners with short routes.

Our employees are the heart of our company and we place great importance on creating a positive working environment. We promote diversity, inclusion, equality and equal opportunities in the workplace. In addition, we encourage our employees to volunteer and make their personal contribution to environmental protection.

Particularly in the summer months, employees take the initiative to save energy in the office buildings. For this reason, the lights are actively switched off in every office during the lunch break, while people eat together at the lunch table. In this way, valuable energy can be saved. If light conditions permit in the afternoon, we also keep the lights off then.

Since 2018, PANACEO employees have been supporting the "Christmas in a Shoebox" campaign, an initiative of Samaritan's Purse for children in need, with private donations. So far, 12 boxes filled with toys, garments and other useful items have been donated and brought a sparkle to children's eyes at Christmas time.

Reducing e-waste is a particularly big concern for us. Instead of simply throwing away used smartphones just because new models come on the market, we focus on sustainable alternatives. For this reason, we are increasingly sourcing our company cell phones as well as other hardware such as tablets, laptops, and the like from vendors who repair and refurbish devices for further use. By purchasing these recycled devices, we not only send an important signal against the throwaway society, but also minimize our ecological footprint.

Mitarbeiterengagement bei PANACEO
Gesellschaftliches Engagement bei PANACEO

We want to play an active role in society and help address important social challenges. We are involved in areas such as promoting health, supporting disadvantaged groups and promoting local initiatives.

For more than 7 years, we have supported the highly successful Paralympics athlete Markus Salcher (7 Winter Paralympics medals) and Special Olympics athlete Alexander Radin (winner of the bronze medal at the 2015 Special Olympics in Los Angeles).

We sponsor non-cash prizes for children's summer camps, high school graduation balls and a variety of sporting events such as soccer, triathlon, running, mountain running, swimming, curling, ice hockey and horse shows.

For us, these efforts are not just a commitment but an integral part of our corporate culture. We believe that together with our employees, customers, suppliers and partners we can make a real sustainable difference.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!