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Health Points sammeln und Geld sparen
HeaHealth Points sammeln und Geld sparenlth Points

Here you can find all info about our bonus program

1. How can I participate in the Bonus Points Program?

Participation in our bonus points program is automatic as soon as a customer account is created. For existing customer accounts, the bonus points program is activated automatically, no further steps are necessary. As soon as you have a customer account, you can start collecting your PANACEO HEALTH POINTS.


2. What does it cost to participate in the Bonus Points Program?

Participation in our bonus points program is FREE for everyone who signs up for an account.

Kostenloses Bonus-Programm

3. How can I collect PANACEO HEALTH POINTS?

For every purchase you make in our online store through your customer account, you will receive PANACEO Health Points. There will also be regular promotions where you can top up your PANACEO Health Points. The bonus points program can only be used in our online store. You can check your points balance in your customer account at any time.


4. When are the PANACEO HEALTH POINTS available?

The PANACEO Health Points are credited to your customer account immediately after receipt of payment. This means that the bonus points can already be redeemed on your next purchase.


5. How can they be redeemed?

You can view your PANACEO Health Points in your customer account. At the end of each order, you can decide for yourself how many PANACEO Health Points you wish to redeem. Please note the following:

  • PANACEO Health Points cannot be redeemed on shipping charges and discounted packages.
  • After deducting the PANACEO Health Points, the invoice amount must still be at least €10.

Health-Points Wert


6. How are the PANACEO HEALTH POINTS calculated?

You will receive 100 Health Points per 1 € order value credited to your customer account. If you want to redeem your collected Health Points, they will be converted into a monetary amount as follows: 1,000 collected Health Points correspond to 1 € discount.


7. Can the PANACEO HEALTH POINTS expire?


Yes, the Health Points expire automatically if they are not redeemed within 100 days. However, before this happens, you will receive a timely notification from us.

We reserve the right to make adjustments to the bonus points program at any time. Changes will be announced with enough time in advance. No cash redemption possible.