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Green Health Curcuma Kapseln
Green Health Curcuma Kapseln

Curcuma Caps With Black Pepper, 90 pc.

New Power From The Asian Super Bulb

Curcuma has been used as a remedy in oriental medicine for several thousand years and is particularly revered! It belongs to the ginger family and is considered the king plant of Ayurvedic medicine. The golden-yellow bulb from Southeast Asia, which is also called (Indian) turmeric, ginger, yellow ginger as well as Indian saffron, convinces with its anti-inflammatory properties and is used in several areas. 

More Than A Spice

We are most familiar with the availability of turmeric as an ingredient in curry spice blends, which are particularly common in Indian cuisine. However, to experience the full health benefits, it is not enough to eat purely from the spice powder. Above all, a high content of pure curcumin is important. 

The valuable ingredient curcumin is under great research interest. Currently, possible anti-inflammatory and liver-protective mechanisms of action are being clinically researched. Many people are already convinced of curcuma as a medical plant and love the extensive mode of action of the miracle bulb. With its millennia of history, this plant has found its raison d'être in alternative medicine. Also in modern research, this natural product is the focus of science and has long since built bridges from the Orient to the modern West and indisputably contributes to the well-being of mankind. 

Take 2 capsules daily with liquid. Do not chew. 

Important note:

Store out of reach of small children. Green Health CURCUMA is not a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Always close the lid after use. Store dry and at room temperature.  
Do not exceed the indicated daily dose!

Nutrition information Per ETD* (2 Capsules)  

  • Dolomite 438 mg
  • Curcuma Extract 359,1 mg
    - thereof Curcumin 287 mg
    - Black Pepper 22,8 mg 

* Acceptable daily intake

The weight data are subject to natural fluctuations.

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